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Hey, how can I take my site offline?

Site isnt finished anyway and I dont have time to continue right now, however I dont want any random people from shitting up my database that might come across it. I just want to stop publishing, without deleting my netlify account. But from what Ive read this might be the only solution? How dumb is that even if thats true. Hypothetical

Hi @nochill-1

You could publish a landing page and lock the published deploy. You won’t loose what you’ve already done, can continue to publish deploy previews, etc. without anyone seeing them on your main URL.

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The site is 70% finished and I have done extensive SEO, Scripting, hosting, linking and page structuring etc. The githup repo is extensive too. So the only option is too change the file extension of the proper index and inject an empty html doc as index on my repo? Thats what I was thinking beforehand but thats super unintuitive. I mean theres so many functions regarding deploys its baffling, yet there is no button or function for “stop hosting/withdraw deploy” etc? Even my Database has a button to purge every userdata too as example :confused:

You just have to add a folder to your repo (with a blank index.html or not even that) and set that as the publish folder. Once you’re ready to release it, delete the folder and change the publish folder back to what you need.