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Hey guys, my page is blank with the 404 errors in the console


Hi guys, I did see questions and answers about this problem but I’m pretty new to coding so it was hard for me to understand. Can someone help me on this one. All I did was drag my while file to netlify.


Hi @van3396

Welcome to the Netlify community

You’re saying you used the Drag & Drop deploy method as per Netlify Drop?

As the repo you have linked to is a React App, this method won’t work. You will need to deploy your site from GitHub as it requires building (in your case with yarn build.)

From your Netlify dashboard you can either click the New site from Git button, or under site settings (e.g. https://app.netlify.com/sites/hardcore-lamarr-6a1500/settings/deploys click the Link site to Git button under Continuous Deployment.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I got rid of yarn and did npm run build.
install the netlify-cli
ran netifly deploy
Publish directory: build
and got this :slight_smile: Deploying to draft URL…
:heavy_check_mark: Finished hashing 16 files
:heavy_check_mark: CDN requesting 0 files
:heavy_check_mark: Finished uploading 0 assets
:heavy_check_mark: Deploy is live!

clicked on the link and was blank but got:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
in the console

I think it has to do with my index.html?
That’s what I have been seeing with other people’s blank screen sites

Note the line that says

Please provide a publish directory (e.g. “public” or “dist” or “.”)

No files were uploaded hence why you see nothing. Try creating a netlify.toml file in the root of your project with the following contents:

  command = "npm run build" # or `yarn build` if you prefer
  publish = "build" # or name of the directory build output is written to

then run netlify deploy.

no luck, yet.

Try remove the following line from your package.json:

"homepage": "https://van3396.github.io/monsters",

You are receiving 404 errors because the assests are in /monters/ e.g.


when the URL should read


how do I change that.

btw the “homepage”: “https://van3396.github.io/monsters”, deletion didn’t work


doesn’t might site read this?

I downloaded your code.

$ yarn install

Changed netlify.toml command to yarn build then

$ netlify deploy --build

which you can see here

wow, it worked.

How did you know that?


Excellent result!


All comes down to the steps executed and the order in which they are done.