Help with removing credit card

Hi! I would appreciate if someone can help me to remove my credit card from my account, we just paid this month and the client said this will be his last time with us, so we want to remove the credit card.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @josepuma. You are also free to open support tickets for anything billing related for any team plan type.

Our support team can remove the payment method on file. Before we do this, I see one of the sites on this team still has the paid “Forms level 1” feature. Before we remove the payment method we want to confirm that all billable services are stopped. Would you please change the form level for that site here:

(Note, that link will only work when logged into the Netlify web app.)

Please reply here (or email once the forms level is back to level 0 and our team will remove the payment method and follow-up to let you know when it is done.

Hi! I just downgraded the forms to level 0

José Puma


Teléfono: +569 4044 4172


Hi, @josepuma. Done! The payment method has been removed from the team and our backend billing system both. It is impossible for us to charge that card again unless you were to manually re-enter the information.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi, may I also ask support for removing Credit Card from my account?

Hi @SRFeesha,

What account is this regarding?

Hi, me too may I also ask support for removing Credit Card from my account please?

Hi @ersinaksar

Your payment information has been removed!