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Help with provisioning SSL/TLS certificate

Hi Netlify,

I’ve worked thru your support guide on SSL / TLS Certificate Provisioning:

Unfortunately I continue to be unsuccessful. At the end of the guide, it suggests I try posting in #admin for further assistance, which is what I am doing now. :slight_smile:

I first tried to provision a certificate about a week ago for singfinger.club ( singfinger-club.netlify.app). All the domain aliases seem to be configured correctly with my DNS provider, the netlify.toml redirects work and the dashboard says “DNS verification was successful”.

However, visiting https://www.singfinger.club continues to throw up security errors in browser.

Please advise how I should proceed to provision an SSL/TLS certificate for my site.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Dr. Ifung Lu
Cologne, Germany

Hi @h4rrydog,

You’ve this IPV6 record:

That’s blocking the provisioning. Could you remove that?

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve just deleted the IPv6 records.

Should that allow the provisioning process to proceed?

Hi @h4rrydog,

That worked. I have now provisioned the certificate for your website.

Fantastic! Thanks so much!