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Help with new domain needed

Hey guys, I have website deployed here on netlify.
I’m using custom domain for it. Everything is working nicely.

Now, I gotta change the domain that I don’t control.
It’s gonna be subdomain, like: test.google.com

How should I proceed with this change?
For any tips - thanks a lot!

Hi @robert123,

I don’t think you can assign a custom domain that you don’t control. You’d have to add the DNS records for any domain that you connect to Netlify. Could you elaborate on what you’re trying to do?

Sorry for the missing details.
Saying I don’t have control I meant someone else has and we have contact :wink:

It’s gonna be changed from eg. google.com to: test.google.com

How should I proceed with such change?
Should I keep redirect on old domain to point a new one?

Well, you won’t be able to assign that domain to Netlify. Even if you do, Netlify won’t be able to serve it till the DNS records are not pointing to Netlify. However, yes you can add a redirect if that fits your use case.

Why it’s not possible?
Of course the new domain will point at netlify servers.

I’m not sure how? Would you be making changes to the DNS to point it at Netlify?

Not me directly, but I will give folks that control new domain instructions to make site work as it is now.

Yeah, if you could ask the other people to make a change, you could add the domain. Is it not working for you?