Help with external DNS setup


I’ve read the docs and understand that Netlify automatically redirects apex to www if I set www as the primary domain.

I’ve also read this article WWW or NOT and it stated that the root domain will still work and will simply redirect to www subdomain.

Currently, I’ve set both my subdomain www and apex (@) to my netlify app as CNAME (Alias).

www is working but the apex is not redirecting? Pinging the apex domain returns “Unknown host”

My external DNS is Enom. How do I confirm that the provider supports “special record types”?

Appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi, @bbclinic, most of the work for these redirects happens in the DNS lookups. The first requirement is that the DNS records point to our systems.

We can check that but we need to know the domain name. Would you please let us know what domain isn’t redirecting?

Hi @luke, strangely it’s working now but seems to be taking a long time to redirect.

the domain name was not redirecting to

I’ve set the DNS records as below:

@ | | CNAME
www | | CNAME

Are the settings correct?

Hi, @bbclinic. Yes, I show the apex/bare/root domain ( and the www subdomain are both using our recommended configuration at this time.

If you are still seeing slow redirects, would you please confirm what IP address is being used for the DNS lookups? I’ve seen a number of reports of people using being routed to CDN nodes in the U.S.A. when there are closer regional CDN nodes to be used.

For example, we have CDN nodes in Singapore. If you are in Singapore, DNS lookups would normally route you to a CDN node there. However, people using for DNS lookups are reporting being routed to New York or California in the U.S.A., instead of to the closest CDN node.

Would you be willing to change your local DNS resolver to see if that affects the redirect time?

Hi @luke, should I be using netlify load balancer’s IP: for @ record instead?

Currently, I’m not using any IP addresses; I’ve set my records as CNAME to

How do I change to local DNS resolver?

Hi, @bbclinic. Everything is currently configured correctly and no DNS record changes are needed.

When I was asking about, this isn’t a DNS record. I’m asking about a setting in your local computer, the DNS resolver setting.

How do you find this setting? The answer depends on which operating system the computer is running:

My concern is that the DNS server you are using might be sending you to the wrong CDN nodes. For example, would you please test changing the DNS server to to see if that resolves the issue?

Thank you @luke. Problem solved!