Help site not building and 404 message?

Hello please help _ my site went down trying to build? and now it just gives a 404 mesage?

Does anyone know why this is happing please shed some light.
Site: (i am not the dev)


Hi @hamishchilds, thanks for posting and welcome.
If possible can you share the repository of your site for me to help with the debugging.

Hi — sorry I am not sure where the repository is

Thanks for the update @hamishchilds.
At this point you have to contact the developer of the site if you also don’t have access to the Netlify Dashboard.


Hiya @hamishchilds and thanks for the help so far, @clarnx ! I work for Netlify and can see what your developer has deployed for the site and while there are many files there, there is no “index.html” so nothing comes up when you go to the site with no path.

You can see there is some content though:

So hopefully the dev can repair the landing page for you and all will be well :slight_smile:

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