Help please, 500 server error with no more explanations!

My site name:

Build works fine, exits fine. When I try to launch the site though, I get a 500 server error, and nothing works. Works fine locally, but for the production version I updated a bunch of things, specially dependencies for netlify, vite and svelte, because my latest netlify build was breaking. I could go back to a previous commit but I am not sure which problem is the worst, the build error or the latest 500 error, so I’ll start with the latter.

I can give access to my github repo if needed, it’s private. Thanks a lot!!

I tried copying the build log here but it gave me a bunch of errors that I wasn’t allowed to do so (char limit, url links and users mentioned and whatnot)

Have you checked your function logs: Netlify App

I actually solved it with