Help Needed: Netlify Forms Not Working with YAML-Based Site

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble getting forms to work on my Netlify site, which is built using YAML. Its name is

I started from a preset website and tried to include a form using the following YAML snippet directly in my markdown files:


  type: FormBlock
  data-netlify: true
  name: contact-form

However, it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure if I’m adding it correctly or if there’s something I’m missing in the setup.

I also tried to include some html right after the ending of the YAML coding, but none of this created any reactions from Neftlify form detection.

On the user side, whenever I test the form on my website I receive a message describing what I just wrote, you can test it out yourself by checking the website at

Has anyone else had experience with integrating forms in a YAML-based Netlify site? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help.


@mattiamuravannuzzi I can’t comment regarding what you’re doing with YAML, that seems extremely project specific.

Netlify Forms only requires a HTML form to be detected in your build output, and for submissions to be a valid POST to a static route of your site.

You’ve likely already read it, but the Netlify Forms documentation is here:

Getting Netlify Forms working with Next can be a little trickier as you can’t POST to routes handled by Next.

Netlify have an explanation/demo here:

You can see the source code for it here: