Help! help! help! unable to login to our netlify account

Please, one of our domains expired and we’ve been trying to renew it but are unable to login to Netlify using the registered email and github accounts. It only keeps loading forever.

Can you please proffer solution(s) as soon as possible?

@promiseguy02 See:

There’s a 3rd reason people can be locked out of their accounts, due to non-payment, which doesn’t seem to be listed on that support guide.

However if you click on that thread, (or expand the text), you’ll see it explains how to use their support form to lodge a helpdesk ticket.

Thank you, Nathan! Miraculously, we’ve been able to access the netlify account and renewed the domain but yet to have the website back up. I don’t even know how long that will take again.

Does anybody have any idea how long we have to wait? Just curious.

:wave: @promiseguy02 Are you still having trouble recovering your site? If so, could you share your site slug?