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Basically, the index.html file doesnt have anything important in it, the main page is on app.vue which works on localhost:8080.

I tried directing to the main repo folder but I get page does not exist.
If I route to the index.html file (which is under backend/public) the page comes up blank
If I route anywhere else it says page not found.
The app.vue is under backend/src

How do I fix this? Thanks in advance!

SOLVED: created a dist folder using npm run build and pushed that to github. Rerouted so that dist was what netlify used

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Welcome to Netlify’s Community! Glad you solved it! :slight_smile:

Thanks Aaron. The issue I am running into now is that the dist file is in my “frontend” folder but it doesnt have my contents from backend. If I am running my backend using “npm start” on my local it works on the website but it doesnt work for others. Do you know how to fix this?

Ah, so you’re trying to run a server? Netlify is a static hosting site, following the JAMstack.

If you need to use a backend you can run express through serverless functions.