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Help deploying netlify site on google domains subdomain

My netlify site is: https://vibrant-lichterman-eff4f5.netlify.app/

It works when going to the URL, but I’m trying to connect it to a subdomain for a domain I have on google domains. my domain is sjblp.org, and my subdomain is app.sjblp.org

In the past, I’ve simply created a CNAME record for the subdomain, and then included the domain I’m hoping to redirect/show as the text. However, this time, I’m getting a “not found” error.

Any ideas why this may be happening? Any help as far as places to start digging would be appreciated.


You need to add the domain here:


Thanks! Two questions:

  1. I’ve never had to do this before, did something change within the last few weeks?

And then 2) I’m actually not sure how to add it there. When I try, it gets stuck because I already have domain records set on google domains (like, my A records are pointing to github servers as I’m using github pages).

This setup up using github pages to host my domain landing page and then pointing a subdomain to a netlify URL has worked for me in the past on like 15 domains, and I don’t think I’ve ever added the domain as a custom domain, so I have no idea how to do this properly. Is there a way to do it such that it doesn’t overwrite my primary domain name pointing to github servers? Thanks!!

Nope, it’s always been this way. I wonder how Netlify will identify which website to show unless the domain exists somewhere in its database, which is what you’re essentially doing by adding the domain there.

Simply click on add domain to continue.

Hm. Given that it’s a CNAMEd subdomain, it’s not clear that Netlify needs to identify anything, right? If it works as intended, Netlify only needs to be able to give permissions to serve a site. However, I’m getting a ‘not found’ error, which has historically indicated a certificate issue on Netlify’s side (in my experience).
So I suspect that something getting a little wonky on the Netlify side as fas as restricting where it can serve these sites. From Netlify’s perspective, all I’m going on the DNS side is setting app.sjblp.org to forward to https://vibrant-lichterman-eff4f5.netlify.app/ and then mask it to app.sjblp.org, but there seems to be something preventing this on Netlify’s side. Or am I misundertanding the mechanics somewhere? Thanks!!

You can add a CNAME to google.com, but that won’t make it work, because Google is not configured to serve the domain :slightly_smiling_face:

For example, with this config:

I see this:

Not really, I’m not sure how 404 and Certificate error can be related.

DNS doesn’t “forward” a domain.

Oh, duh. Yes, I see what you’re saying now. Your message got me out of my weird brain spiral, thanks!! Got it fixed