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HELP - Contact form submission using data-netlify="true" doesn't work

I have looked at the docs and followed the correct procedures of using netlify’s form submission to route to my personal email address. Instead when I click submit, it results in an XML error displayed below:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Invalid argument.

POST object expects Content-Type multipart/form-data

Here is my site: https://www.miochung.dev/

I also have same problem for my website.

Hey @miochung7,
I just sent a test submission to the form on your site and it seemed to go through. Please let us know if you’re still running into the issue you wrote in about and we’ll dig in :slight_smile:

Hey @asia25,
I don’t see a form on that site :face_with_monocle: Could you please link it here and we’ll take a look?

Hello! It did work thank you!

I had an issue with my SSL certificate and my browser didn’t support it, but changed it to Let’s Encrypt and the form is now connected and sending to my personal email address.

Awesome, glad to hear it :muscle: