Help! Cannot revert site

I deployed a minor change to my site and for some reason I haven’t figured out yet (virtually impossible that it’s related to my change), the formatting got destroyed:

Here is what the site used to look like (not up to date with the previous deployment, but it’s all I have to show how it “should” look):

What’s made this a bit of an emergency is that if I go to “Deploys” and publish a previous deploy, the formatting is still messed up. Is there any way to get a static snapshot of my previous deployment live as soon as possible? Thanks!

I’m seeing the same on both the URLs

what exactly is messed up?

Thanks for the reply. Now I’m even more confused :slight_smile:. In Chrome I’m seeing the same as you, even when I clear my cache, and it says “© 2021” at the bottom, which tells me it’s the same as the “preview” version.

But when I look at it in an incognito window or different browser entirely, I the recently-deployed version that says “© 2023” at the bottom (and contains the messed up formatting). Can you replicate? Again, I cleared my cache in Chrome so I’m not even sure how this is possible. Thanks!

I’m consistently getting the same page. Mind sharing a HAR file?

I would if you’re able to unlock it for me. “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

I have upgraded the level, though you could always use a cloud storage to share a file.

According to the Netlify console this is the currently published version:

How does that look to you? Does it say © 2023 at the bottom? This is the version I see for everywhere else but Chome, seemingly. I’m not sure if I’m dealing with some strange DNS caching issue or what. I’m afraid I’m not a front-end designer/dev so unfortunately I’m not accustomed to dealing with this sort of thing.

I’m still seeing 2021 in the footer, but I can also confirm we’re serving the latest deploy that you’ve made on the site. Are you sure your latest deploy has changed the text from 2021 to 2023? If you’ve uploaded the wrong file, we would serve the wrong file.

I am absolutely certain. Here is a permalink to the current deploy, do you see 2021 or 2023 at the bottom of this page?

I just performed a branch deploy to “preview” with the latest updates from my main branch and it resulted in the production site being updated to the 2023 version, from what I’m now seeing in Chrome. I don’t get what happened there, but I do suspect you’ll now see the 2023 version on refresh. Can you confirm?

Sorry I keep changing things while you’re trying to help. I believe I have the last “good” deploy re-published. (Not current, but still 2023 and the formatting looks fine.) That bought me time to figure out what happened with the formating in the newer deploys. I suspect the build runs with a newer version of something (mkdocs or other dependency) that’s rendering my site differently in some way. I still don’t know what happened with production & branch deploys and why I was seeing different things in different browsers, but I’m really hoping it was a strange fluke and newer deploys for both jogged it. Thanks for assisting with this.

I see 2023 on that, and now the layout appears a bit weird.

Based on your last post, I take it everything is now good?

Yes, thank you. I figured out what I did wrong with my attempt to revert, anyway. I update this site maybe a couple times a year and when it doesn’t go smoothly I need to take the time to re-learn everything I’d forgotten about how it all works. :slight_smile: