Help! Account suspended immediately after registration

I have just signed up for a Netlify account. I verified my email and then logged on. Immediately a message is displayed saying my account has been suspended.

I haven’t created any site yet. Infact, I haven’t been able to see any of my account settings because I was immediately suspended.

Why is my account suspended?


This would be resolved in the helpdesk.

Hello, i am also having the same issue right now, please help me out

Hi @toheeb2023 :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums sorry to hear you experienced this. The login for this account was marked as suspicious by our automated systems.

Please tell us more about the sites you plan to deploy here. What topics will they cover and who do you intend to read them?

just a normal website, and it went all wrong from the start when i was trying to login with my github

Can you provide more detail on the site you’d like to create?


I just created an account and tried to log in via GitHub which result in “Authentication Error Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect to” error. Then I try my email and reset the password but it said my account get suspended. I even try logging in with a different email and it gets suspended again and the appeal button doesn’t work.
Can you help me get in? I’m a student and some of my homework at SheCodes courses is requared submitting my project Netlify URL.
I also email your sale and support ( I found them in support page) but I have not recive a response yet.

Hi welcome to the forums. I have removed this restriction.