.hell domain invalid

I’m trying to get a custom domain ending in .hell added to my lustrous-dasik-a82739 app. When I go to add the domain I get:

Is this domain ending not supported? I haven’t found any docs with a list of supported domains.

You can check the supported TLDs here: Domain Extensions List | All Top-Level Domains | Name.com. Since we use Name.com’s API, we support a subset of those TLDs as Name.com doesn’t allow all TLDs to be registered using their API.

.hell is a handshake domain that does not use standard DNS.

Hi, @jasiqli. That is correct. That is exactly why it isn’t supported.

That is what I was implying in my previous post @luke.
Perhaps I should have elaborated a little more :thinking:

Hi, @jasiqli. This was my mistake. I intended that reply to to be directed to @mcculloughjchris and not to you, @jasiqli.

I was trying to reiterate what you were saying was correct. I was not trying to correct you. However, I do agree it looks like I was doing so in my (misdirected) reply.

To summarize, your statement was clear and I just replied to the wrong person. Sorry about that.

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@mcculloughjchris - thanks for letting us know that you couldn’t find the info you were looking for in our docs. We’ve updated our domain registration documentation to include a link to the supported TLDs resource @hrishikesh shared to help answer this sort of question when it comes up again in the future for other folks.

Thanks again!