Headless shopify nextjs app hosted on netlify, checkout doesn't work?

Hi fellow,

I am trying to work on Nextjs app that uses Shopify as headless, in my local development the app works fine, when I host the site in netlify the site runs but the checkout page doesn’t redirect to shopify checkout!

This is a weird behaviors as it’s redirecting in local dev but not when app is hosted on netlify.
So it’s redirecting to checkout page but from there it throws 404, it doesn’t redirect to shopify checkout as that is the expected behavior.

It would be helpful to know if it has to do with app or netlfiy platform.

I would appreciate the answers or hints to this, thank you

here’s the link to site: https://nextheadless.netlify.app/

btw I am using vercel commerce template

hi there, are you using redirects to redirect to the shopify checkout, or how is this achieved? i think we might need a little more information in order to assist.