Headless cms using WordPress locally and nextjs in Netlify

Is a good process to deploy a headless wordpress using nextjs statc website builder to Netlify to run a local installation of Wordpress so I can utilise all my familiar SEO plugins and then build my static site on my local environment before pushing to Github?

This would mean I dont need Netlify to build my product and I just push the static build of my website to Netlify. Has anyone done this?

Hi @Tim10

While I haven’t tried this setup, I don’t see any reason you couldn’t run WordPress locally, build your site using Next.js locally, push the build to GitHub and have Netlify deploy the built site. You may forego the functionality of the Essential Next.js Build Plugin by building locally. You could use Netlify CLI to handle the build and deploy locally and skip the push to GitHub.

Possible drawbacks of running everything locally may include the inability to access WP from anywhere (you need to sit in front of your computer) as well as making it harder to collaborate with others. You would also need to think about the backing up of the WP instance, database, etc. which a cloud provider would handle for you.