Having trouble deploying site (first time)

Hey, this is my first time using Netlify as I was having issues deploying through Heroku.
I created an e-commerce application using react and thought it would be easier using Netlify as many recommended this over Heroku.
At first I tried connecting my github and deploying through my repository, but I ran into some issues.

So what I did was I npm run build and drag and dropped it instead of going through github and it worked BUT I have a blank screen.

I get a couple of 404 errors. Any thoughts? I would like to know what I did wrong for future deployments

hi there,

welcome to netlify! so, if your app needs a build pipeline then you will either need to:

  • build it locally and ONLY drag n drop the output or publish folder that contains html, css, js - no templates or framework things


  • set up a build pipeline to build on deploy.

I recommend you start here: