Having problems connecting subdomain via Cloudflare


I wanted to connect a subdomain to my new project but was not able to.

This is the CNAME entry in Cloudflare (type/name/content):

But still not connected in Netlify, it says:
Awaiting External DNS

The Netlify URL is:

The subdomain URL should be:

Any ideas what I missed? Or do I just have to wait a little longer? Was just wondering - normally that’s pretty quick with the CNAME entries, isn’t it?

Best, Luis

weird fact: with exactly the same settings it worked for https://podcast.digitalconomics.com/subscribe within seconds. Is maybe .de DENIC really slow compared to .com Domains DNS?

Still does not work, so pretty sure, it’s not because DNS entries takes too long to update.

It was a stupid typo - ticket closed

Hi @luisrieke,

Thanks for updating us and letting us know you were able to resolve the issue. I hope you have a great day!