Have webapp (VueJS) and a jekyll blog in the same domain

I have a webapp in vuejs which I would like to serve on myapp(dot)com and I would like to have a jekyll blog on myapp(dot)com/blog , can this be done using two different git repository without a “blog” subdomain ?

repo myapp serves myapp(dot)com
repo jekyll serves myapp(dot)com/blog
The two separate repos will make it easier to maintain the webapp and blog independently.

What I have tried so far.

  1. I have a subdomain blog(dot)myapp.com serve the jekyll blog and myapp(dot)com serve the webapp.

  2. myapp.com has a netlify.toml 301 redirect rule to redirect myapp(dot)com/blog to blog.myapp.com

    from = “/blog”
    to = “blog(dot)myapp(dot)com”
    status = 301
    force = true

But what I really want to achieve is redirect myapp.com/blog to the jekyll blog without the subdomain blog.myapp(dot)com because I dont want search engines to see both myapp(dot)com/blog and blog.myapp(dot)com

Basically, I want to achieve something like the below on netlify.


Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the (dot) , as a new user it wont allow me to post 4 links. Very weird.

Would you please test the same rule above but with the 301 status changed to 200 instead?

  from = “/blog”
  to = “blog.myapp.com”
  status = 200
  force = true

Would you let us know if that meets the requirements?