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Has auth changed? My app is broken

At the end of last year I spent a hugh amount of time getting auth, identity and rolebased access working reliably in a code spike.

Now I return to use that code in the real app I find my spike no longer works. When I try to use the login method I get the error:

“failed to load settings from /.netlify/identity”

has somehting changed? if so what and how do I update?

The deployed code spike is https://twam-app-prototype.netlify.app/


Well that step suddenly started to work.

However I tried to login and had to reset the user password for unknown reason.

then I get the error

Failed to handle signup webhook

So the question remains - “has somehting changed?” I have not rebuilt or redeployed.

I just thought, I’m using your login dialog so if the API changed and was not properly versioned then it might just have broken. Is that a possibility?

I’ll look at updating deps but didn’t want to open that potential can of worms just yet.

The Identity Widget itself has not changed since quite long now and there are no breaking changes with Identity as such. Maybe you can try running a similar setup on a blank website and see if that works?

@hrishikesh Thanks. that’s somehting at least. But the linkage is obviously broken somewhere as it error is about the “signup” function when I “login”.

I also tried adding a new user via signup but the email validation fails ot work as well.

Seems I need to “roll my sleeves up” and debug to see what’s changed. May be my code/data or may be Netlify functions. It’s a shame auth doesn’t completely work locally.


I eventually resolved this. The problem was due to errors in the hook functions responding to the Identity events.

On was an error accessing a Google sheet as something somehow changed with the Google Service Account access (cue man hours of fighting google docs and admin options). The other issue was for some reason functions stopped accessing shared required files in the same directory, eg require("./foo").

The Identity widget always returns the same unhelpful error, whatever the hook functions return. So the trick is to add console logging to the hook functions and look in the functions logs in the Netlify Admin UI when errors occur.

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