Has anyone successfully deployed automated social images?

I’ve been trying to add a Netliify function for automated social images, so far trying Resoc and fguiliani’s solution.

Both fail to deploy with direct forks. Related problems can be found in the forums, but the last ones seem to be in 2021. The consistent problem is that the file size is too big.

The function zip ../../../tmp/zisi-6271e1071972792b700e876c/___netlify-odb-handler.zip size is 62.4 MB, which is larger than the maximum supported size of 52.4 MB.
8:31:47 PM: The function "RESOC-OPEN-GRAPH-IMAGE" is larger than the 50MB limit. Please consider reducing it.

Dependency file size is the main problem and I’ve tried using the alternative function builder

  node_bundler = "esbuild"

At this point, I’m wondering if this is possible on Netlify or if I should try to figure out a different solution. I’m not trying to play the “competitor card”, but I was able to get fguiliani’s solution deployed to Vercel. You can see that the primary culprit is chrome-aws-lambda at a smooth 48.7mb with their optimizations.

Warning: Max serverless function size of 50 MB compressed or 250 MB uncompressed almost reached
Serverless Function's page: api.js
Large Dependencies                  Uncompressed size  Compressed size
node_modules/chrome-aws-lambda/bin            48.8 MB          48.7 MB
node_modules/iconv-lite/encodings              316 kB           175 kB
node_modules/puppeteer-core/lib                462 kB           123 kB
All dependencies                              50.8 MB          49.4 MB

yes, the size upper limit is 50mb and it looks like these functions sit right at the limit.

I don’t think that is a limit we can change, but i’ll try and get someone to weigh in who knows a bit more about functions than i do.

Perry has already commented and I can simply echo was they say. The limit is something imposed by AWS and not by Netlify, so we have no control over it, unfortunately.

Here is some additional discussion about this:

Based on the comments there, folks are hitting this issue even on Vercel. I haven’t used Vercel or know enough about their platform and offerings (didn’t even know they used Lambda as well, till now), but the latest comment is 20 days ago.