Grabbing Hugo Markdown Data to Files

New to Hugo, trying to understand it. I’m trying to make content editable through Netlify CMS. I created a config.yml file for Netlify and created a collections for “Default Pages” that I will create. I’m stuck at how I can make my html files editable through Netlify.

The structure I currently have it set up on is the home page is in the Netlify dashboard. How can I tie the home page content in Netlify to a markdown file within the content folder, then somehow putting the data within markdown to the index.html within the Layout folder? Days of research isn’t getting me anywhere since every document is about the blogging section.

Hi @trace751, If anything, this is more a question to ask Hugo than Netlify.

Since you don’t have any experience with Hugo, use a website theme to get it done quickly.
Many themes are blog structures, but there are.

Make changes in themes/.It will require operations away from the Netlify CMS.
the answer should be on GitHub published by the theme.

To elaborate, the generation of layouts/index.html allows for example the generation of
content/ But that would not be the brief explanation this forum.

I link the Hugo Community if you need more explanation.
There are many people who know Netlify in this forum.

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