Google Workspace can't find MX records

This same thing is happening to me. I reached out to google support and they said it was on netlify’s end

Can you explain your issue in a little more detail @victorsauceda? Have you tried the solution above?

Yes I did. I then reached out to google and they said to reach out to netlify

I copied mx records, CNAME and TXT records to netlify. Once trying to verify on google workspace i receive this error. I already waited over 48 hours

What is the domain you are trying to configure? is the domain

I’ve moved this to a new thread @victorsauceda.

It appears everything is configured correctly for and Google’s own DNS shows the MX records see results here and the TXT verification record.

You can also use DNS Checker to see the propagation of various records such as NS and MX on various servers around the world. All show correct records.

I’m not certain this is a Netlify issue at all given all the data points to correct global configuration.

Does this just mean I have to wait. I noticed some are still red here. It has been over 72 hours though. It looks like most are green. MIght just have to wait for those two. If I give it a couple more days. What would the next option be if this doesn’t work?? Thanks for the assistance

I doubt those locations showing red would make any difference. You might need to take a step backwards and start the verification process again—from memory, this should use the same verification token already issued.

Optionally, contact Google (again; painful, I know) and provide them with the links that show their own DNS can see the records and ask them why the verification system can’t.

I have found an issue with your TXT record. The TTL is set to 86400 or one week. Given the TTL is set so high, it may take a week for this to resolve.

Setting a TTL to no greater than 3600 is advised.

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 11.52.32 AM

Ok. I will try to wait a few more days to see if that changes anything. I followed what they had on google should’ve just left blank

I waited over a week and still wasn’t able to get it set up. Still receiving the same error on googles end when trying to verify the domain

I no longer see the TXT record. Did you remove it?

I see these MX records:	3600	IN	MX	10	3600	IN	MX	10	3600	IN	MX	5	3600	IN	MX	5	3600	IN	MX	1

and these TXT records:	3600	IN	TXT	"google-site-verification=cYdFKVJc-EkfLZW2UDGzj361_XZD7dcS0rUieE5MjQ4"	3600	IN	TXT	"google-gws-recovery-domain-verification=39339807"

Also, Google’s free dig tool also see these DNS records:

So, there isn’t anything wrong with the DNS records that I can see.

Note, we often have a very hard time troubleshooting errors reported by Google Search Central, precisely because Google doesn’t provide any details about the error. Google will say there was an error but provide zero additional data to troubleshoot. Note, these details do exist, it is just that Google provides no way for you (or anyone else outside of Google) to see these details. As these details are required for troubleshooting, we are not able to explain the issue at Google without them.

To summarize, Google says there is an error (and maybe there is) but also provides no details or proof.
I have tested the DNS records in multiple was and I did confirm they are working in all tests. So, Google says one thing while my own experience, repeatably and consistently, shows something completely different. Without more details (details which only Google has), it is impossible to explain this.