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Google search index issue

Hello community,

I have an issue with indexing my blog website that is based on netlify.
As a default behaviour it forwards requests from htttp to https, which I believe is the best solution here.

Nevertheless, I see that only http is trying to be indexed, but has redirect error during indexing. Please be aware that I checked the redirect tool and I see the only one redirect with 301 http code.

All other pages, like blog posts and https version are not indexed for a long period of time. Live URL test has success:

Please, be aware that I have submit the sitemap with all https links. https://uladkaminski.com/sitemap.xml

This is related:

If you can get additional info as to what’s the source of the error, it could be useful to debug.

Hi @hrishikesh ,

I cannot add the pictures due to level my account. Which information can help here?

I’ve bumped your account level, that should allow you to share images.

Any kind of logs that you might have that would help trace the cause of the errors would help.

Thank you @hrishikesh ,

Here is the error from Google Console:

Redirect Checker:

All https pages have this status:

Here is the link for sitemap (all https):


I’m aware of how this page looks in Google. What I was asking for was any specific logs that Google might have that would indicate the cause of the error.

As you can see yourself (in your terminal screenshot), we’re redirecting the HTTP one to HTTTP and the HTTPS one gives a 200. So, it looks all good from our end. But if Google’s seeing some problems, we’d need to know what’s causing an issue.

That is exactly what I am asking about. I see the 200 http code, I don’t see any error in any other search engines. The only thing I have is Redirect error, that you probably see on the screenshot.

With that description, won’t this question be better suited on Google Search Console forums?