Google Merchant feed for ecom

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering where/how you guys are building your Google merchant feeds on your Ecom sites.

We are currently building ours from our PIM system but of course this has issues in the fact that URLs are not always final by this point.

Im thinking that best option would be to build this as a task at the end of a build, That way we have all of the product infomation, Have the final URLs and can essentially leave this alone being updated whenever we do a build.

Any suggestions or resource links on this topic would be great, My google skills have failed me on this one and I havent found anything good.

Stack includes:

  • Inriver - PIM
  • Azure - Integration Layer
  • Next.js - React framework
  • Algolia - search
  • Sanity - CMS (No product data in Sanity).
  • Netlify (obviously :slight_smile:

Hi, @peter.moore. This is a question more about Google than it is about Netlify. There is nothing specific to Netlify which will inform the answer.

Because of this, our support team won’t have the bandwidth to answer this question but someone else here on these forums might.

I just wanted to explain the limits of the technical support we provide. To be clear, you are welcome to ask this here but it probably isn’t the best place for this question. It might help to ask this in a forum that is specific to Google’s services.