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Google Flagged My Websites as Phishing Sites

On August 5th, Google flagged two of my netlify sites as Phishing sites. I’m confused. These are very basic sites. I’m not aware of anything especially malicious about them. The sites have been up for months and were ranked well in google.

I’m not sure what to do about this. I’m looking for advice.


Site One:
Inner Banks Chiropractic. This is a ten page eleventy + netlify CMS site with one netlify contact form.
Blocked by google: https://innerbankschiropractic.com
But viewable at: https://innerbankschiropractic.netlify.app

Framework: eleventy
Content: netlify CMS
Image Source: Cloudinary
Last Commit: Feb 10, 2021
Deploys: Automatic from github.

Actions taken:
I triggered a deploy from the netlify web interface, just to see if this would make a difference. It didn’t

Site Two
Lawns Plus Property. This is a single page SSR Nuxt site. There are no forms.

Blocked by google: https://lawnsplusproperty.com/
But viewable at: https://lawnsplusproperty.netlify.app

Framework: Nuxt
Image Source: netlify
Last Commit: May 23, 2021
Deploys: Automatic from github.

Any ideas about what I can do to get these site unblocked by google?

Welcome to the forums @Jam

Follow the report a detection problem link.

Note, that even when ignoring the risk/visit this unsafe site, there is an issue with SSL. I would advise checking DNS configuration, and checking that SSL is working on these site. Currently NS is under domaincontrol.com with a single A record pointing to for both domains.

@coelmay You are correct. The account on the domain registrar (godaddy) was hacked. The hacker pointed the domains to another server containing malware.

Solution: The domain owner had godaddy reset the account PW. I modified the DNS settings, pointing back to netlify &renewed the certs. DNS is fixed.

When I try to visit the sites, I still get the Red Screen of Death. I’ve verified the sites with google search tools and have requested that google review the site. Hopefully, in a couple of days, the red screen will be gone.

Thanks very much!

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