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Google Domain DNS Issue: cannot renew SSL

I am currently receiving and error with a site hosted on Netlify.

cloverleafmath.org doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved. Check our troubleshooting guide for more information on how to fix the problem, and then renew the certificate.

The domain is through google domains, and all name servers have been set up to point at Netlify. Not sure what could be causing this but it is resulting in my site prompting a security warning when opened in browser.

I am also still getting a ‘Check DNS configuration’ despite having configured the DNS name servers on google domains.

Do I just need to wait for domain propagating to take place?

Hi @alyesque

This is likely the case. DNS proagation does take time.

Your site is loading with SSL for me.