Google Data Studio Report sharing with Customers using Netlify IAM

I would like to integrate a Google Data Studio report with Netlify and manage

  1. User roles access to reports
  2. Manage the data filter for each user group

I would like the steps for the above set up, and would like to understand the cost when we have hundreds of users.

Hi @ks.bhargavi,

It would be great if you can be a little more verbose with the request. We don’t know what Google Data Studio does or how you’re trying to integrate it with your website. So, a little background of your setup would help.

So google Data studio is a free reporting tool provided by google, we have built some reports using this tool.
We have data for multiple customers in one report, we now want to use this single report instance and control the access to this report from Netlify IAM, please let me know if this can be achieved.

Hi @ks.bhargavi,

I’m probably shooting in the dark, but if you wish to apply access control to your reports, you’d have to use something like Netlify Functions also with Netlify Identity and probably some headless database.

We won’t be giving you exact code that you might have to use as it’s outside the Scope of Support, but the high-level workflow would look something like:

  1. Authenticate users with Netlify Identity.
  2. Setup a Netlify Function to fetch the reports and send it back to the frontend.
  3. Inside the Function, use the user ID of the user reported by Identity to identify which report needs to be fetched. For this, you might have to use a database.