Google Cloud domain verification fails

I’m trying to verify ownership of my custom domain for Google Cloud. I followed the instructions provided by Google to add a TXT record containing google-site-verification=blahblahblah, but it wasn’t able to verify ownership, even after 48 hours.

Here are the details of the TXT record:

  • Name:
  • TTL: 3600 seconds (default)
  • Type: TXT
  • Value: google-site-verification=blahblahblah

The netlify site name is

Hmm, I see the record here:

$ host -t txt descriptive text "google-site-verification=YcsC-ZCdgPRwPKEQPXK6jNkfkahUmcETLrOuYLIC1RQ"

The record looks well-formatted to me, but maybe they want it for and not ? If that isn’t the answer, not sure what google is or isn’t doing with it, but I guess their forums would be the place to ask.

You’re right, using worked! Even though the instructions they provided said to use instead. Thanks!

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