Google Ad Sense Help?

I hope everyone is doing well during this time.
I recently got acceptance by Google AdSense that My site is acceptable for ads.
Site Name:
However there is one issue that is
I don’t know how to go about this !
Could anyone please help me ?
Thank you so much in advance

Hi, @Robertboy18. There is no way upload a single file and add it to an existing deploy.

To add this file to your site, you must make a complete deploy of the site and include this file in that new deploy.

So, the next question is: “How do you include a static file with a Jekyll site?”

I don’t know but I found the following answer:

The rough outline of the workflow is this:

  • add that file to your repo as described in the StackOverflow post
  • commit that change to the repo
  • push the commit upstream
  • wait for the build & deploy to complete
  • profit???

You should be able to test this locally first before committing and pushing. Run the build command locally and check in the directory _site to see if the file is included or not.

If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

Hi There,

I have the exact same question. However, I didn’t use Jekyll to create my website. I had a game created and I have added code to the game directly and published the website. Any tips on how to input this code?

hi there, i responded to this on your other thread, so i am going to close this one to avoid duplication.