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Godaddy Subdomain Domain Forwarded to Netlify


I am the owner of a domain name called afterwerk.ca from godaddy.com

I added a sub domain name called info.afterwerk.ca on godaddy and I am forwarding this subdomain to the netlify dns below.

default subdomain

Primary domain


I did this last week.

When I test with digwebinterface it seems to point to the correct dns.

Here is the info on the gogaddy side:

Type Name Value
a info
a info
a info
a info
cname info.afterwerk.ca afterwerk.netlify.app

It doesn’t work .

Please advice.

Hi @kbventures,

We can simply see Record not found error:

Could you try contacting GoDaddy for help to see why the domain is not resolving?

So I just tell them I am trying to forward this subdomain to netlify? On netlify side everything is ok?

Where is the data in the picture coming from so I can replicate analysis?

Hi, @kbventures. It looks like the Google “Dig” web app:


Personally, I recommend installing and using dig locally for any DNS troubleshooting:

Also, the posts above talk about both www.info.afterwerk.ca and just info.afterwerk.ca and I don’t know which of those is correct. Please be sure the DNS record and the domain name added here match exactly:


If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks for the link to the tool. There is no cname showing for www.info.afterwerk.ca or info.afterwerk.ca in this tool.

This is the cname record on godaddy for info@afterwerk.ca:

I went ahead and also added the www.info.afterwerk.ca cname now on godaddy.

This is the new information when I click on www.info.netlify.ca check DNS configuration on netlify:

’ DNS configuration

Point www.info CNAME record to afterwerk.netlify.app

Log in to the account you have with your DNS provider, and add a CNAME record for www.info pointing to afterwerk.netlify.app.

www.info CNAME afterwerk.netlify.app.’

Should I leave it is and give it 24h to see if resolves on godady?

Hi, @kbventures. I think the issue here is that your DNS service automatically adds the apex domain to the DNS record being added. So, when you use info.afterwerk.ca as the name it automatically appends afterwerk.ca making the actual record name info.afterwerk.ca.afterwerk.ca. instead of just info.afterwerk.ca.


Local example:

$ dig +noall +answer www.info.afterwerk.ca.afterwerk.ca
www.info.afterwerk.ca.afterwerk.ca. 3600 IN CNAME afterwerk.netlify.app.
afterwerk.netlify.app.	20	IN	A
afterwerk.netlify.app.	20	IN	A

You can change those records at GoDaddy to correct this.