Godaddy email not receiving emails from site

Hello, my site is not receiving emails on my Godaddy domain. Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks

  • The site url is

Hey there,

There’s a great discussion here which you may want to check out first.

You’ll need to configure the MX, DMARC (etc) records for your domain here: Netlify App

@Scott Heya! I’m also looking for help with the same,

I have a domain name and an email that’s hosted on a separate DNS from Netlify and it stopped working after i Pointed the domain’s nameservers to Netlify. Would you know how to fix this?

the url in question is

Hi, @nejurgis, this issue is discussed in the following support guide:

There are three solutions in the sections titled:

  • I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?

Please read the guide above. If the solution used doesn’t work, please reply to let us know and tell us what steps you have taken so far.

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