Go True JS Confirmation Expiration

I’m building my very own front end for the Netlify Identity service with the Go True JS library and it’s going pretty well but I want to plan for all possible user journeys (forgot password, setting up new account, logging in, etc) One possible issue I imagine is that a user signs up for an account, doesn’t confirm it, and then tries to log in. They will see an error aplty stating that they are not confirmed and they should look in their inbox. The user will select the link and either get a success state and get brought to their account page or an error state and will see a message for next steps.

My questions
When do the confirmation tokens expire?

If a token is expired or malfunctioning for whatever reason, is there a way for the unconfirmed user to resend a confirmation link?

Hey @ed.cupaioli,

This, I don’t know. I’ll try to get this information form the team.

However, about the second question, users can request a confirmation email as many times as they want, however, requests within 15 mins to the same email address will not work. That is, if we send an email now, there must be at least 15 min gap between the time next email is sent.

Hey @ed.cupaioli,

We just heard back and no, the tokens do not expire by themselves. They only expire once they’re used.


@hrishikesh excellent news! thanks for the info