.gitmodules errors

I need advice to debug deploy https://app.netlify.com/sites/objective-agnesi-9a32dc/deploys/5e113ed376cd1a8e6219e3ad

My first attempt to deploy, got this error, cannot find anything helpful online, would love some guidance if anyone can help.


what is the content of your .gitmodules file?

well, I don’t have one, and reading into what it is necessary, I’m not sure why I need one. All I can assume is maybe I structured my files in some way where it thinks I should have a .gitmodules file, but was not sure if this is a common error, hence posting here. (thanks for getting back to me)

sure thing. Clearly the error message thinks you should be having a .gitmodules file, so it makes sense that not having one is causing problems :slight_smile:

I can’t say more at the moment - seems like a non-netlify problem potentially. I’d investigate what code is needing the .gitmodules - I am not sure what those are/what it does.

does the site build OK locally?

yup, it works locally just fine; not sure what could require a .gitmodules file as there are no other messages/errors/problems anywhere to indicate its necessity :frowning: – if not a netlify issue, I’ll investigate with restructuring my files – thanks again for replying

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