Gitlab LFS image preview issue with Netlify CMS

First of all, thank you for a great product and a great community!

Now to the issue:
I’m struggling to find out if it is possible to have a workflow using Netlify CMS and Gitlab LFS without using Netlify Large Media. We currently use manual deploys so that is why Netlify LM is not added.

I’ve come so far as I can upload Images to my repo via Netlify CMS Media tab and then load the images in Netlify CMS media tab. However the preview is not working, it seems like it displays the reference number in the URL as shown in the image.

I found this thread but it is about Netlify Large Media so it might not be the same issue as I’m having but looks related.

This is the config I use:

publish_mode: editorial_workflow
media_folder: 'src/static/uploads'
public_folder: '/static/uploads'

  - name: "blog" 
    label: "Blog"
    folder: "src/blog"

From what I can see the images are uploaded correctly to
src/static/uploads in my repo.

I use Netlify Identity and also use Eleventy for the site itself if that helps.

Thank you very much for any help on this.

I assume you’re using the local_backend: true configuration? I encountered the same problem the other day (although I was using NLM). When I pushed my images to the repo, the preview worked, but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of using the local backend imho.

CC @erez

Thank you for the reply.
Forgot to include that part :slight_smile:
I use:

  name: git-gateway
  repo: myrepo
  branch: mybranch

Ok might be two separate issues then!