GitHub status checks are incorrect

Within a couple of minutes after a new PR is opened, Netlify reports the following -

Header rules Failing after 2m — Deploy failed
Mixed content Failing after 2m — Deploy failed
Pages changed Failing after 2m — Deploy failed
Redirect rules Failing after 2m — Deploy failed
deploy/netlify — Deploy preview failed.

But upon checking the Netlify deploys, the build is in progress, it says “Building”

Once the build completes, a mix of failures and successes is reported to the PR:

But the build itself says all the tests were successful:

448 new files uploaded
431 generated pages and 17 assets changed.
296 redirect rules processed
All redirect rules deployed without errors.
468 header rules processed
All header rules deployed without errors.
All linked resources are secure
Congratulations! No insecure mixed content found in your files.
Build time: 4m 33s. Total deploy time: 6m 20s
Build started at 11:18:25 PM and ended at 11:22:58 PM. Learn more about build minutes.

This weird behavior makes developers lose confidence in the deploy and CI process and every PR needs to be carefully vetted before merge.

I have tried disabling “Outgoing notifications” completely while debugging this but to no avail, I am not able to disable GitHub checks from PRs at all.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

This was fixed - there were multiple Netlify instances set up to talk to one GitHub repository.