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Github not supporting more than 1000 blogpost

Not sure if this kind of query is entertained here. But I am not a coder but love Hugo so trying to move from Ghost.

My site is https://powaiinfo.netlify.app

I moved my 1600 blogpost from ghost to Hugo, but github repo says it has truncated my files to 1000, Check the screenshot.

Does this mean, I can only keep 1000 blog posts?

Hi @exist2021,

2 things:

  1. It’s more of a GitHub issue than Netlify. You probably need to contact GitHub support for this (but you won’t need to - explained below).

  2. GitHub doesn’t support showing that huge folders in the web UI. So yes, only the first 1000 files would be shown, but others would still exist. So, you can store more than 1000 posts without any issue.

As long as you don’t go over the 2 GB repo-size limit of GitHub, you’re safe.