Github Action failing at "Build Netlify CLI" with node version

I think it entirely depends on the service and what you need to do. We have some very comprehensive internal actions where I work that you couldn’t just do with a simple npx call.

I’m not sure whether npx was a viable option with netlify when they created their action, so that could be why.

Btw I got the npx deploys working now. Thanks.

It would be good to get a definitive answer from Netlify as to which is the supported way of using the action, just to avoid breakages down the line.

npx is not a Netlify-thing - that’s something offered by npm. As long as npx continues to do what it’s doing, the above workaround will continue to work.

I’ve said it before, will say it again - the action is not doing anything fancy - it’s doing the exact same thing that I’ve asked folks to do - that is to use Netlify CLI. Just that, with the method suggested above, instead of relying on an action to call Netlify CLI, you’re doing it yourself.

Thanks again for pointing out the workaround. I’m happy to have a workaround, however it feels like all my projects are now running on a bandaid which isn’t a great feeling.

It feels like if I don’t say something then this might just get disappeared into a very long backlog.

One thing that isn’t so good with the workaround is that I am now leaking info to npm about every deploy I do, whereas previously it would have just been Github that could see that info.

Ultimately I’d like to be using the action as it’s supposed to be used rather than via npx.

Hey @mjgs ! Sorry about the delay on this one, we were waiting for the engineering team to finish work on the fix. This should be working as of now, but please let us know if you see any other issues, and thanks again for your patience!

Thanks for the update @amelia.

It whave been nice to get a note in the thread at the time, rather than leave me hanging , but thanks al the same.

I’ll test it out.