Git push to branch does nothing

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    Tenho um repositório privado com várias branches, dessas branch são criados sites no netlify usando a API. Se a branch é atualizada pela API, o build é iniciado, mas se a branch receber um ‘git push’ nada acontece. O que pode ser?
    I try on my personal account (creating the site not with the API) , and a push do a normal build. But if the site is created buy the API, if I do a ‘git push’ the build doesn’t happen.
    I think it only occurs if the site is created by the API and need the SSH instead the Github Netlify APP.

  • build log errors, screenshots, etc

  • your netlify istance name, for example:
    Example site:

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Yeap, but I already has the gihub APP, and the SSH (get in API) on github configs. And the auto publishing s enabled for all sites.

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Hi @fagianijunior,

Which branch are you trying to build? We see one branch that has been built a few days ago.

It is possible to create a site via the API using either the GitHub app or deploy key, so our advice will depend on which way you want to do this.