Git gateway requests permissions to unrelated organisation repository

When attempting to set up git gateway for authorising netlify CMS it requests permissions to my git repository.

However, one of the organisations I belong to is automatically shown as selected and there appears no way to deselect this.

There is absolutely no-way I can volunteer the email addresses of the entire organisation for the purpose of authenticating a site hosted on my personal GitHub repo.

Any ideas for how to modify this setting.

Hi there,

That sounds a bit off. Could you show a screenshot of where you see that behavior so I can try to understand and guide you past it? It’s fine if you obscure the org names, I’m just trying to understand if you see the setting at GitHub or Netlify and where :slight_smile:

I’ve shut down the project so can’t show the screenshot, but it was occurring in the modal window where it requests permissions.

There was a green checkmark next to the organisation. After posting the above message I wasn’t able to gain much more information about why this was the case, but this presumably indicates that the organisation had already granted access to Netlify through some other channels, as there was nothing I could do to select or deselect this.

This may be more related to Github, but it would be good for more clarity around already granted permissions so that individuals aren’t left confused about what it means.