Git Gateway for GitHub Teams / Organizations

I’ve got a site working perfectly with Netlify CMS and GIt Gateway. But it seems cheesy to be using a personal access token for the link between Netlify and GitHub. I’d prefer the oauth was connected to my company’s GitHub account rather than an individual’s.

Note: I moved from Bitbucket to GitHub because the Callback URL setting in oauth was giving us headaches while developing locally. I see I can generate an oauth login for an organization on GitHub, but I’m worried that will bring the same issues.

Hi @solomonpierce,
You can change the git-gateway to any token under the site settings:<site-name>/settings/identity#git-gateway

A common approach is to create a dedicated bot account under the organisation and use a personal access token from that account.

Will that work for you?

hey @erez thanks for the reply - very helpful.
making a dedicated account for the bot is a totally reasonable solution imho

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