Git gateway for a submodule

Hi There,

I am using Netlify to deploy my private github repo. However, now I need to expose a portion of the repo as private, which I was able to successfully do using the git submodules. I am basically looking to make my content for Netlify CMS public.

My application also runs and shows my content perfectly. The only problem is that when I am in the admin panel for Netlify CMS, I can’t see my posts. The reason I am assuming is cause I have given access to my app in Netlify for the private repo but not the public submodule. Due to this, I am not able to see anything in my netlify cms dashboard.

I tried many options but I wasn’t able to make it work. Is there anyway, I can give an access token to netlify for my public submodule?

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

I don’t think that workflow will ever work; git_gateway is not configurable by you in any way that would support that. I’d suggest using one site to edit posts, and another to publish the content.