Git Gateway error

Thanks! After confirming that my organization permission was set for Git Gateway, I was still having trouble. Adding the lines for the repo and branch in the config.yml file did the trick.

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Problem is that some important things aren’t described there in the “extensive documentation” provided in It just did not help.

The article I mentioned is this one: Git Gateway | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System.

Just thanks a lot!

I had to find and try a lot of differente solutions, and you compiled them here. Just thanks :heart_eyes:

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@alexblbl , you’re a freakin rock star. Thank you. This worked after smashing my head against the table for 2 hours. Thank you!

+1 for clearing all cookies. I also unlinked and relinked repo and added my repo into config.yml file, but clearing cookies was the final touch that fixed this issue on my end.


I had the exact same problem and this answer solved it. Thanks alot.

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