Git Gateway Associated with Incorrect User

I’m trying to enable Git Gateway with Netlify CMS on my website. It is working, and I am able to use Netlify CMS with no issues. The one problem is that it’s committing from the wrong git account. The git user that the space is associated with is different than the Github account it wants to link to.

When I tried to associate in an incognito window, it says “Netlify Auth by netlify wants to access your [wrong] account.” and I cannot change the account. So my question is, how is it picking this account (especially since it’s different from the repo owner and GitHub account that is linked to my Netlify) and how can I change it?


Hi @ruben1 and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The commits should be from the user account that the GitHub token was generated for.
You can change that here: Netlify App.
Any token with write access to the repo should work.

Thanks for your reply! I ended up using GitHub authentication, but it’s worth pointing out the issue was indeed on my end. I had two GitHub accounts and the emails associated with each were swapped in my mind leading me to endless confusion. Nevertheless, all is good now.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for following up and explaining the problem and solution!