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Getting , There's nothing here, yet. Pls build something amazing

I have added a CNAME record of heroku app, in netlify hosted subdomain. I had 2 project on heroku and added both of them but one is working fine and other is showing There’s nothing here, yet. Pls build something amazing tab

Hi @piyushsarraf,

Chances are you might be pointing to an incorrect Heroku URL or maybe you haven’t built an Heroku app yet. Either ways, that doesn’t sound like a page from Netlify. Mind sharing the URL?

sure ,
Netlify Subdomain is : xmeme.piyushsarraf.ml
Heroku app is : :sunglasses: Xmeme (xmemes-piyushsarraf.herokuapp.com)

Have you added the URL to your Heroku app in Heroku settings?

which URL?
the subdomain ?

If you see here:

You need to connect the domain (subdomain) to your Heroku app. You’ve added a CNAME in Netlify, but that has probably not been connected to your Heroku account.