Getting Started With Netlify Build Plugins

Netlify Build Plugins are a way to extend the CI capabilities of the Netlify site building process.

You can get started here by searching for a site you’d like to active the beta program on.

After activating the build beta for a given site, you can iterate and work on the build process local or in the Netlify dashboard. See instructions below.

1. Running Netlify Build Locally

Install the latest version with the npm install -g netlify-cli command in your terminal

Then you can run the netlify build CLI command to run the build process locally.

2. Running Netlify Build in your Netlify Account

To run the new build flow inside a live Netlify site, login to the beta portal and activate the site you’d like to enable for beta builds.

After your site has been activated you can trigger a new build in the deployments page and see the Netlify Build beta in your deploy logs.

Helpful Links

Please reach out if you have any questions!