Getting goTrue.js currentUser is always null

I cant seem to get the current user using goTrue.js. They have no documentation just examples that show intended responses.

My netlify site is but none of what Im doing is live its all on my local.

Im using sveltekit and I have a store where I try to get the current user

import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
import { browser } from '$app/environment';
import { auth } from '$src/gotrue';

let storedUser = browser && localStorage.getItem('user');
let persistedUser;

console.log('This is the stored user ' + storedUser);

if (storedUser) {
	persistedUser = await auth.currentUser();
	console.log(`This is the persisted user ${persistedUser}`);
	storedUser = { email: };

export let user = writable(storedUser ? JSON.parse(storedUser) : '');

if (browser) {
	user.subscribe((u) => (localStorage.user = u));

The response from auth.currentUser() is always null.

I think the localstorage item is gotrue.user and not user. Are you sure you’re storing/accessing it right?