Getting "Another site is already using this domain" - but definitely not true

Please include:

I have successfully done this before for another site on Netlify also using a GoDaddy domain and had no issues.
Having this issue with 2 domain names of mine for this site.

We’ll need to know the hostname that you are trying to apply to the site, Julissa. Once we do we’ll be able to help you get things untangled from the other setting that is blocking you.

We’ll see your response when our office reopens on Monday.

Thanks for your reply! The other site is

That is indeed already applied to another site of yours. You can remove the name here to apply it to that other site:

@fool Good Morning, I am having the same issue. is my domain that i am trying to add to my site.

hey @Damarkus_Harris, i just responded to your other thread. :slight_smile: